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A BSAC 'Try Dive' and our entry level Ocean Diver course are the perfect introduction to scuba diving.

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Our extensive range of diver training and skill development courses will widen your experience and enjoyment of the sport.

Diver training

BSAC offers 5 progressive levels of diver training:

  • Ocean Diver - basic skills, 20m depth, nitrox

  • Sport Diver - rescue skills, 35m depth, nitrox

  • Dive Leader - master skills, 50m depth

  • Advanced Diver

  • First Class Diver

Instructor training

BSAC offers 5 progressive levels of instructor training:

  • Assistant Instructor

  • Theory Instructor / Practical Instructor

  • Open Water Instructor

  • Advanced Instructor

  • National Instructor

Skill development

BSAC offers complementary skill development courses that cover 5 different activities:

  • Club Diving - eg Wreck Appreciation

  • Safety & Rescue - eg Oxygen Administration

  • Technical - eg Sport Mixed Gas Diver

  • Seamanship - eg Boat Handling

  • Special Interest - eg Underwater Photography

Branch instructors

Our skilled and experienced instructors volunteer their time to teach and mentor our divers:

  • National Instructors - Andy Boorer and Fiona Boorer

  • Advanced Instructors - Jacqui Robson, Mitch Horn and Andy Thomas

  • Open Water Instructors - Elisa Thomas, Neil Hambleton and Steve Burris

  • Assistant Instructor - Chris Panayiotou


Pool lessons take place at Toia Pools in Otahuhu. The 1.5m deep lap pool and 3m deep bombing pool are perfect for diver training.  

Theory lessons take place at members' houses to cut down on venue hire and travel costs.

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